Savannah cats of Marechal

To the world of the Savannah cat!

The Savannah cat is a domestic breed of cat, that is in 
Championship status in The International Cat Association (TICA), that is created using the exotic Serval cat. The Savannah cat is a fun loving, always on the go cat that you won't find resting very often. These wonderful cats are extremely active and the earlier generations (first and second generation) can grow up to 20 lbs.  The majority of Savannah cats range in size from 8 lbs to 18 lbs with the larger cats being the early generation males.  Savannah cats normally look like they weigh more than they do. With their long lean bodies and long legs a Savannah can often look like it weighs at least 5 lbs more than it actually does. 

History of the Savannah Cat Breed

Savannah Cats were originally bred back in the 1980's by a woman named Judee Frank. Since then breeders have embraced her vision and have worked to get  fertile generations of males to be used with the early generation Savannah females. Over the last few years this dream has been realized. Most breeders including Marechal Cattery are now using fertile male Savannahs in their programs to create even more exotic looking offspring.  This was a long process of breeding with feline outcrosses to finally reach the distance needed from the Serval cat to have males that were actually fertile. So far there have been a very small amount of fourth generation males that are fertile with most males having to be fifth or later generations to be fertile. As we breed back to our Savannah females using the fertile Savannah males we will begin to set the type of the breed which is, large ears, long lean legs and bodies and large dark spots. For more information about how Savannahs are produced please click here.

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